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Would you be able to tell me if these would work? kyismaster (author)Reply2010-09-21i blew about 4 capacitors and 6 resistors... The liquid to solid temp is only a 2 degree variance. Thank you for taking the time to share what you learned!kedcs (author)Reply2009-09-29Hey Thanks!

yeah your right. Put the new copacitor back in, spread the leads a bit to hold it in place then touch the iron to the place where the lead contacts the circuit board trace Not even the power light glows that nice blue color? Can anyone recommend a place that could take the circuit board and repair for me?ris49 (author)wallacedbrownReply2009-08-11Use a small pin point iron that you can get from radio shack cheap.

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If you can't get the old caps out, try moving them back and forth while heating them. Thank you!!!!wallacedbrown (author)Reply2009-07-13I took the monitor apart ber the instructions but I can't tackle the removal and soldering of the capacitors. Click here to proceed. Because of you, we don't have to spend a chunk of money for a new PC <3 :]yoyorey (author)Reply2012-04-26Exelente tutorial , nunca en mi vida habia hecho un cambio de algguna

  • I moved power supply cover and found 2 of the capacitors (c823 & c827) that were defective. Replaced all three (just in case!), But I still have the same problem!
  • Great post, thanks.
  • Look at all of the capacitors on the board.
  • Thanks so much for placing this here, and if I knew how, I'd tell the website Owner they needed to make you Partner.
  • Thanks.
  • Carefully straighten the leads.
  • thanx for posting ...
  • I did and it was a real pain getting it back on.
  • Exactly the same three capacitors failed in my monitor.Bought three new ones from Maplins (in the UK) and it is up and running again.
  • See that wasn't so bad, was it?

A small tube of the right solder that will last me forever cost less than two bucks. Ask friends and family, everyone seems to know someone that will do it. Sorry.RST295 (author)Reply2010-06-07This is the the best tutorial. Hp Printer Drivers For Windows 10 anyone can do this with a soldering iron and a little patience.   Did get a small screen scratch in the process of taking the monitor apart.  Fixed it with the Vaseline

Get the right solder. Replace the 3 capacitors (now 35 volts), they still fit. The price to fix it was $5.09 better than $150.00 for a new one. Can any one tell me a solution?mstanley103 (author)Reply2009-10-02I am an electrical engineer and design integrated circuits for a living.

gr8whtd0pe (author)Trucker_18aReply2012-05-29Best. Hp Drivers For Windows 7 64 Bit Free Download Rao vặt | Hỏi đáp | Dien thoai | Laptop | Mua ban oto | Xe may | Áo khoác nam | Giày nam | Vest nam | Áo khoác nữ I will life the traces off the circuit board.More CommentsAbout This Instructable 48,006views11favoritesLicense:gr8whtd0peFollow4More by gr8whtd0pe:Add instructable to: Contest GroupRelatedHow to Clean Electronic Plugs and Jacksby RichsMethodsA Tale of 3 Oscillators – It doesn't take alot.

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Make sure to use rosin too. It was like hardened white foam near them. Hp Customer Support Software And Driver Downloads Just call one and see, couldn't hurt. Hp Printer Drivers For Windows 7 Once you have soldered these three (and possibly others), reassemble!

It is a VS17E but it has pretty much the same capacitors in it. I don't know of any shops that will do stuff like that. That's all you have to do with this card until your putting everything back together.Step 6: Remove Power Supply Cover.Show All ItemsRemove the two screws, peel back the "metal" tape, unplug Nice and easy to heat and set quickly. Hp Drivers Download Free

Well here is a step by step of how to repair it...if you have basic knowledge of how to use a soldering iron, that is. VERY IMPORTANT!Step 8: The Problem Children.Show All ItemsOkay, so now you have the power supply out of the monitor itself. I did this to two of them that would no power on at all before and now they work flawlessly. The only thing I have to add is about the ribbon cable.

Now plug it in and see if it comes on. Hp Printer Drivers For Mac Thank you!!jabarebird (author)Reply2013-08-28WHOOOO HOOOOO! $6.35 for the three caps, $4.99 for a new solder wick, 2 1/2 hours easy step by step, and .... I have yet changed two bulging caps.The screen switch on but  are white.

a trip to Radio Shack and ~$3.50 later ...

I have heard putting fresh soldier on the pads will heat it up faster though. Is it possible the newer one from RS might be too high voltage as well? Putting this shielding tape back in place when reassembling, helps insure noise doesn't interfere anywhere. Hp Drivers For Windows 10 Might want to try that.

The three power capacitors in the bottom left corner were the problem for both of the two screens that I have repaired already. Nice job on this fix!:http://boredprojects.blogspot.com/2009/09/hpvs19e-monitor-fix.htmlKen Foss (author)Reply2009-09-18Will this work on a vs17e? Just look for the bulge... (And as a side note, the caps I replace in A/C systems every day bulge in exactly the same way - even though these caps are I am adding my comments using the once dead monitor. 3 caps, the proper solder and it was back to life for an even $6!

The 3 capacitors cost me $5.75 tax included from Radio Shack. Until I discovered this web page, I was unsure how I would ever get this monitor back without great trouble finding a repair source let alone an exorbitant cost !! Just took my time and figured it out. This is one wonderful instructable.